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On this website I’ll share great ways to make money online:

    • Trustworthy websites everyone can use.
    • Quality courses teaching you how to make money.
    • Other useful stuff for online cash getting.
    • All used by me or proven to work! Pick what suits you and go for it.

    On Online Money Sharing, shared items are divided into categories Learn, Get creative and Invest.

Is online money making for everyone?

I believe that everyone, everywhere, can make money online. It doesn’t matter how old you are and experience doesn’t matter much either.

You have a PC, internet, and common sense? Then you can make money online.

I DON’T believe in ‘get rich quick’ bullshit. Maybe some people get lucky and they get rich fast. Good for them. For most people (you) that probably won’t happen.

I think you need to:

  1. Invest TIME, and maybe a bit of money (don’t get yourself into debt), to LEARN.
  2. Invest ENERGY into the thing you’ve decided to do.
  3. Not GIVE UP. You can give up on things. Sometimes things don’t work for you. Failing is fine. It helps you grow. You learn from failure. But don’t give up too soon! Work on your STAMINA and PERSEVERANCE.
  4. Work HARD and SMART, and you’ll see results.
  5. (optional) Wisely INVEST money into things that will make you more money in the long run.


    I’ll earn a bit of money from some of the things I promote, when you purchase a course/product after clicking the link on this website. That won’t cost you anything but I want to be transparent about that. And I would never promote anything I don’t use, trust or support!